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May 03, 2007


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Don't forget "looking insane at 50 knots": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIJ1jZQcSSY


What else is there to say?

GREAT video. Think I read about that Sail Rocket thing on Horse's Mouth or somewhere - cool to see it in action.

I am a disaster as a shaper of public opinion. You're supposed to dislike the Sail Rocket...it's a silly specialized...gadget! It's the windsurfer (Finian Maynard) whom you're supposed to admire! Is he making it look too easy?

ALSO can someone at least pretend to like the puffins? I get it...a few puffins go a long way in the blogosphere. The problem is that puffins like a crowd.

Back to the drawing board...

I Like Puffins!

Sail Rockets are Silly!

Go Finian!

(do I get something free now?)

btw if you're feeling bad because I'm making fun of you, go check out this clip.


Should make you as happy as a puffin with a beakful o' fish.

Now that's what I'm talking about! Let's look at the "sailrocket" crack up. In the bit after the crash, the fellow explains that they had the gizmo up to 34 knots, like that's a big deal. A good windsurfer could go to a swap meet and spend less than $2K on gear he or she could wind up to 34 knots. And should this sailor wipe out, they would just get back on the thing and sail away, not carry all the parts back to the lab in tears to glue them back together (see the video clip that Jeff recommends above.)

Thank you, Bonnie, for coming to see the light! We have no stuff to give away (and I never got a can of spinach from Joe, though Live Sail Die did come through with some great stickers.) You do, however, now bask in the fine regard of puffins everywhere, which should stand you in good stead (unless one crashes into you upon landing!)

Puffin approbation works for me!

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